How to use ePrayogLekha Electronic Lab Manual and Notebook

The students can use an Electronic Laboratory Manual and Notebook (ELMN) for less than the cost of a paper notebook. It offers an innovative new service designed to enhance the educational experience of your laboratory courses at essentially no cost to you, while providing a major cost savings to your students.

As you may know, ePrayogLekha is the new web-based Electronic Laboratory Manual and Notebook (ELMN) designed by Hindu College Chemistry students and can be used by any Delhi University College. With this instructional version, you can easily have a structured lab notebook accessible from any Windows, Mac, iPad or Android device via a familiar and intuitive user interface. Most importantly, your teachers will appreciate the ability to view your work at any time, from anywhere, and provide quick, constructive feedback - with no need to carry home stacks of paper notebooks for you to grade.Consider some of the advantages of CRKB:

  • Save Time (and your back): No more carrying around stacks of paper, auxiliary and lab notebooks.
  • Improve Communication: Monitor student's lab work & provide immediate feedback from the instructors.
  • Universal Access: Use on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iPads and Android tablets
  • Improved Education: Prepare you for a career in science using the same technology used by leading investigators throughout the world.
  • Better organization: Train you by creating a master notebook to share with anyone.
  • Easier Collaboration: Share notebooks or specific folders for joint projects and student peer evaluation.
  • Create PDF: Students may download their Notebooks to a PDF or an offline version.
  • Save money & "Go Green": CRKB Classroom Edition costs less than a paper notebook.