Dress Code :

You must be dressed appropriately while working in the laboratory. You may not have any exposed skin showing from the chest down. This means long pants and shoes that fully cover your feet. Also note that long hair must be tied back and baggy clothing is not allowed. If you are in violation of this dress code, you will be asked to leave the laboratory and will not be allowed to make up the points lost.


You must wear approved, splash proof safety goggles AT ALL TIMES while in the laboratory. You must keep your goggles on even after you finish your work with chemicals. Your teachers and Lab staff will be monitoring compliance with this policy. If you are found without your goggles covering your eyes (goggles on your forehead is NOT allowed) you will be removed from the lab immediately and will receive a zero for your experiment that day (no matter how near completion you may be) with no opportunity to make up these points.