Short Term Course on PHP Core

Hindu College Delhi

Course Content:

This course will enable you to build real-world dynamic web sites. If you have already built websites using plain HTML, you will realize the limitation of this approach. Static content from a pure HTML website is just that-static. It stays the same unless you physically update it. The users cannot interact with the site in any meaningful fashion.

The PHP language and database MySQL allows you to make your sites dynamic. In this course, we describe how to approach real-world projects that will help you to design, plan and build e-commerce based projects. You will be able to develop projects like; User authentication and personalization, Shopping Carts, Content-management Systems, Web based email, Mailing list manager, Web forums, PDF document generation, etc.

The participants will be concentrating mainly on to Hands-On Training. You will develop PHP scripts to perform a variety to takes, culminating in the development of a full database-driven Web page. The following Exercises will include in the proposed course: Accessing command line arguments from PHP scripts, Generating web pages dynamically using PHP, Retrieving Web Pages manipulating from data, Personalizing Web site content using Session and Cookies, Tracking user navigation on your Web site, File handling with PHP script, Regular Expression with PHP to Make strong validation, Object Oriented Concept to make more Powerful Web Applications, Exception Handling, Integrating database content to generate dynamic Web pages, Building modular Scripts to enable code reusability. These are creating dynamic, database-driven web sites.

Basic Knowledge:

The students should have the Basic experience with the use of HTML. Programming such as C or PERL experience is helpful but not required.

Course Duration:

60 hours

5 hours Theory

55 hours Demonstration Cum Hands-on

Course Fee:

Rs 5000.00 per participant

Minimum 20 students

Course Begins:

December 25, 2017


1. Hindu College; Dr CK Seth, 9810281122; ckseth@hotmail.com

2. ePrayogLekha Technologies; Engr. Shahnawaz Ansari, 8506000321; shahnawaz24k@gmail.com